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Skilled volunteers with a dream

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Rémi Girard, Logistics and Camp Manager

Rémi Girard, Logistics and Camp Manager

At the tender age of five, Rémi discovered a great passion for airplanes during his regular Sunday family outings at Fecteau Air Service at the Caché Lake Airbase in the Chibougamau (Quebec) region. By 16, his greatest wish was to enroll in the Canadian Air Force, followed by a career as a bush pilot. Unfortunately for him, his father would not allow him to join the Air Force, thinking he was too young. When he was older and tried on his own, he did not pass the medical.

In 1986 Rémi started his courses for a private pilot's license and obtained it in 1988. Since then, he has accumulated more than 800 hours of flight time on different types of single- and multi-engine aircraft. Rémi has spent many years volunteering with Quebec Search and Rescue (SERABEC), an organization dedicated to the promotion of safe flight and search and rescue throughout Canada.

Since 2006, he has spent much of his leisure time reconstructing Stearmans in anticipation of his retirement.

The day Marcel Deschamps approached him with the CF-CPA Project he couldn't wait to embark on this extraordinary adventure. It is with great enthusiasm that Rémi is in charge of logistics for the project and also the camp manager up north where most of the salvage will take place.

His rallying cry: Vive l'aviature!

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