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Restoring aviation history

Air Marcel Inc. was founded by Marcel Deschamps in 2004. Its goal is the restoration and flying of classic aircraft. Since its inception, Air Marcel has acquired the following:

Three projects currently in the works are:

  • Reconstruction of a second 1943 Stearman to be completed by summer 2008
  • Construction of a 1911 Blériot X11 military replica that will be presented in France at the 100th anniversary of the flight between France and England on July 25, 1909 by Louis Blériot
  • The recovery and restoration of a 1942 Lockheed Lodestar CF-CPA that crash landed due to fuel starvation in August 1960 100 miles north of Schefferville, Québec

Air Marcel is located in St-Hyacinthe Airport (CSU3)

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