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Rescueing a piece of aviation history

The CF-CPA Project was formed when Air Marcel Inc. bought the aircraft in September 2006. Air Marcel Inc.'s main objective is the restoration, preservation and demonstration of a 1942 Lockheed Lodestar aircraft. The Lodestar is a WWII twin-engine transport aircraft.

The CF-CPA Project intends to restore the Lodestar to its original Canadian Pacific Airlines flying condition, complete original identification CF-CPA.

The Lodestar, serial number 2177, served with Canadian Pacific Airlines during the Second World War. After the restoration, CF-CPA will serve as a tribute to the contributions of the crews of Canadian Pacific Airlines, as well as R.C.A.F. Lodestar crews, made overseas during WWII.

Canadian Pacific Airlines flew the aircraft until 1950, after which it was decommissioned and sold to Hollinger Ungava Transport from Sept-Iles, QC. It served there until 1955 when it was sold to E.D. Bourque Aerial Photography of Ottawa under the registration CF-CPA and was used for airborne survey work in the North territories. It was performing this duty when it came to rest in Schefferville, Québec in 1960.

Here the aircraft sat, registered CF-CPA, watching an endless parade of seasons go by for 45 years until it was happened upon by one of our members, Patrick Cloutier. History had not been kind and only minimal information about the aircraft and those that served on it all those years ago could be found.

In the summer of 2007 members of the CF-CPA Project will start recovering the aircraft from the crash site. [See Project]

The Lodestar will be sent to a facility in St-Hyacinthe, Québec for the restoration process.

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