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 CF-CPA Join the adventure!
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Many ways to get involved

The Lockheed Lodestar Project is a huge task that we cannot do alone. The many volunteers here in the St.-Hyacinthe region who are willing to supply their expertise, time, and muscle will go a long way toward getting CF-CPA back in the air.

We'd love to hear from you!

If you have any stories involving CF-CPA or any of its sister planes, please write to us and/or send us pictures. If you've flown these planes, we'd love to listen to your story. If you've worked CF-CPA, flown as a passenger or pilot on CF-CPA, or if you think you've anything relevant to say about our project, please get in touch. We also welcome useful suggestions. Join the conversations on our discussion forum and read our blog.

If you are an aviation buff or even just mildly interested, please follow our website. We will continually update the site as the project proceeds, especially during active times such as summer 2007. Pictures will be posted as well.

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