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Day by day progress

Spring-Summer 2007

  • April to July 2007
    Purchasing of equipment for the camp and for the mechanics.
  • Saturday July 28, 2007
    Loading of all equipment on the truck.
  • Sunday July 29, 2007
    Departure of the truck for Sept-Iles.
  • Tuesday July 31, 2007
    Truck boards the train to Schefferville.
  • Thursday August 02, 2007
    Truck arrives in Schefferville and is transferred to Norpaq.
  • Saturday August 04, 2007
    The team in charge camp settlement arrives in Schefferville and all material is transferred to the crash site.
  • From Saturday August 04 to Friday August 10, 2007
    Camp is organized and land clearing starts to prepare for moving the plane along the banks of the lake during winter 2007-2008.
  • Saturday August 11, 2007
    The team of mechanics arrives in Schefferville and is transferred to the crash site.
  • From August 11 to 31, 2007
    Lifting of the plane and assessment of damages. Removal of engines and wings. Anything that is useless will be removed and brought back to Schefferville.
  • Saturday September 01, 2007
    Closing down of camp and return to Schefferville.
  • Sunday September 02, 2007
    Loading of truck and return of all mechanics to St-Hyacinthe, Quebec (CSU3).
  • Friday September 07, 2007
    Truck is loaded back on the train to Sept-Iles.
  • Sunday September 08, 2007
    Arrival of the truck in Sept-Iles and departure for St-Hyacinthe (CSU3).
  • September 2007
    Evaluation of the different possibilities to pull out CF-CPA from its swamp.
    Continued research into this aircraft, it's history both individually and its type, correspondence around the world with enthusiasts and experts and continued discovery of the uniqueness of CF-CPA.

Winter 2008

  • Continued research into Lodestar aircraft, begin gathering documents and tools required for restoration.
  • Search of parts to be replaced.

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